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Ranking of Mountain Peaks

In the West Indies and Caribbean Islands

The West Indies are a crescent-shaped group of islands enclosing the Caribbean Sea, separating it and the Gulf of Mexico, from the Atlantic Ocean to the east and north. The island chain stretches over 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometres).

The islands of the West Indies are divided into the Greater and Lesser Antilles. The Greater Antilles include Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico. The Lesser Antilles include the Virgin Islands, Windward Islands chain, Barbados, and the islands in the southern Caribbean Sea north of Venezuela and the Bahamas. Bermuda is not physiographically part of the West Indies, but is often included because of its historical political ties to the region.

The highest mountain ranges exist in the the greater Antilles. With Hispaniola having the first and second highest mountains (Dominican Republic and Haiti respectively), Jamaica the third highest mountain and Cuba the fourth highest.


Dominican Republic Pico Duarte 10,128ft / 3087m
Haiti Pic la Selle 8,793ft / 2,680m
Jamaica Blue Mountain Peak 7,402ft / 2,256m
Cuba Pico Turquino 6,469ft / 1,972m
Guadeloupe La Grande Soufrière 4,813ft / 1,467m
Dominica Morne Diablotin 4,747ft / 1,447m
Martinique La Montagne Pelée 4,524ft / 1,397m
Puerto Rico Cerro de Punta 4,390ft / 1,338m
St Vincent & the Grenadines La Soufriere 4,049ft / 1,234m
St Kitts & Nevis Mount Liamuiga 3,793ft / 1,156m
Montserrat Soufriere Hills 3,573ft / 1,089m
St Lucia Mount Gimie 3,118ft / 950 m
Trinidad & Tobago El Cerro del Aripo 3,084 feet / 940m
Saba Mount Scenery 2,864ft / 873 m
Grenada Mount Saint Catherine 2,756ft / 840m
St Eustatius The Quill 1,968ft / 600m
British Virgin Islands Mount Sage 1,709ft / 521m
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands Crown Mountain 1,555ft / 474m
St Martin/Sint Maarten Pic Paradis 1,391ft / 424m
Antigua & Barbuda Mount Obama/Boggy Peak 1,319ft / 402m
Curacao Sint Christoffelberg 1,237ft / 377m
Barbados Mount Hillaby 1,102ft / 336m
St Barthelemy Morne du Vitet 986ft / 286m
Bonaire Monte Brandaris 791ft / 241m
Aruba Mount Jamanota 617ft / 188m
Anguilla Crocus Hill 213ft / 65m
Bahamas Mount Alvernia 206ft / 63m
Turks and Caicos Islands Blue Hills 163ft / 50m
Cayman Islands The Bluff 141ft / 43m

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