Jamaica Fiwi Roots

About Fiwi Roots

The Fiwi Roots ("Our Heritage") Project, is a non-profit initiative created to preserve the heritage and culture of Jamaica, by memorializing an almost forgotten history, culture and many unique and often overlooked qualities.

The project consists of several web properties, each addressing specific themes, beyond the tourism brochures and "off the beaten path". It also sponsors a scholarship, launched in 2020.

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The Sites


Fiwi Roots - A compilation covering history, culture, ecologoly, geography/geology, landmarks, superstition, herbal remedies and other unique qualities of the island.

    Cockpit Country - the largest remaining area of intact wet limestone forest in Jamaica and a refuge for at least 79 of the 100 bird species found in the island. Historically significant because of its importance as a place where the Maroons, runaway slaves, used as an inaccessible refuge.

    Herbal Remedies - review of local herbal remedies and a a review of the work of Hans Sloane, who's study in the use of local plants for medical treatments is documented by the British Natural History Museum

    Waterfalls - comprehensive list of waterfalls with interactive map.

    Mountain Peaks - Interactive map of the mountain peaks in Jamaica and a mapped display of their location and height.

    National Heritage Sites - Interactive map of the National Heritage Sites.

    Transformation of the Parishes - How the Parishes were named and changed throughout history.


Young Dreamers Scholarship, launched in 2020, the scholarship is sponsored by The Fiwi Roots Project for sixth graders entering High School, who are located in the interior of the island where there is a higher density of families of less means and opportunity.


Jamaica Great Houses - explores the Plantation Great Houses of Jamaica, many of which were destroyed durng the Slave uprising.

Jamaica's Timeline - launched in 2020. A look at the events and influences that shaped Jamaica's history, people and the evolution of its culture.  

Jamaica Black River - explores the historical town of Black River and its surrounding areas.


Jamaica Port Antonio - explores the town of Port Antonio and the Parish of Portland, an area of lush natural and unspoilt beauty at the foot hills of the Blue Mountains.


Port Royal - history of Port Royal, its Pirates and the 1692 earthquake that sank a large portion of the town. Includes before and after archaelogical reconstruction paintings and a 1756 newspaper clipping of an eyewitness account.


Jamaica Best Beaches - a listing of popular beaches centered around themes.


Jamaica Bird Watch - a listing of the 28 species of birds and other species that are endemic to Jamaica. Includes birdcalls and maps of sightings.


Jamaica Road Trips, Explore Jamaica's road network and scenic roadtrips throughout the island.

Jamaica Online Services

A consolidated list of Applications for various services eg. Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates and others.

Share your thoughts. We welcome feedback.