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Distribution of Poverty in Jamaica

(2002 Data)

About the Data Source

The data for this page is sourced from a survey of living conditions in 2002 by the Planning Institute of Jamaica. The data was retrieved through the Jamaica Open Data project. The methodology to measure poverty is based on consumption rather than income owing to the availability and relative accuracy of consumption data.

The section that immediately follows, provides the ability to filter and search the list of places that fall within each quintile of the poverty distribution, as depicted in the map legend above. The section below that, titled "Drill Down by Parish", performs a query directly against the Jamaican database with returned results presented as it is received, without any changes.


Percent below poverty line:


About the Filtered List

This tool helps navigate approximately 800 place names across the island that were listed in the original dataset (see About the Data Source above). The places and their datapoints were written into a program to enable ease of use and parsing through filtering and searching.

Drill Down by Parish

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