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The Manning Cup

The Manning Cup is an annual football competition played between high schools located in the Kingston, St Andrew and and St Catherine parishes of Jamaica. It is a highly anticipated event sparking intense rivalry between the schools. The competition is named after William Henry Manning, who served as Governor of Jamaica between from 1913 to 1918. The first games were played in 1909. It was won by Jamaica College, Jamaica's third oldest school, established in 1789. The school has since won the most cups since the competition began.

As an Independent Nation - 1962 to 2022

2022Jamaica College--------
2021Kingston College2001Bridgeport1981Kingston College
2020No competition2000Norman Manley1980Excelsior High
2019Jamaica College1999Tivoli Gardens High1979Camperdown High
2018Kingston College1998Dunoon1978Camperdown High
2017Jamaica College1997No competition1977Calabar High
2016Jamaica College1996Norman Manley1976Tivoli Gardens High
2015Jamaica College1995Charlie Smith1975Kingston College
2014Jamaica College1994Wolmer’s Boys1974Jamaica College
2013Jamaica College1993Excelsior High1973No competition
2012St George's College1992St George's College1972No competition
2011St George's College1991Ardenne1971Wolmer’s Boys
2010Jamaica College1990Charlie Smith1970Kingston College
2009St George's College1989Excelsior High1969Excelsior High
2008St George's College1988Charlie Smith1968Jamaica College
2007Jamaica College1987STATHS1967Kingston College
2006Bridgeport1986Kingston College1966No competition
2005Calabar High1985Kingston College1965Kingston College
2004Excelsior High1984St George's College1964Kingston College
2003Excelsior High1983St George's College1963Jamaica College
2002Norman Manley1982Camperdown High1962Jamaica College

Under British Rule - 1909 to 1961

1909Jamaica College1927St George's College1945St George's College
1910Jamaica College 1928St George's College1946Jamaica College
1911No competition1929St George's College1947St George's College
1912St George's College1930Wolmer’s Boys1948St George's College
1913Jamaica College1931Wolmer’s Boys1949Kingston College
1914Jamaica College1932St George's College1950Kingston College
1915Jamaica College1933Jamaica College1951Kingston College
1916Jamaica College1934Jamaica College1952Kingston College
1917Jamaica College1935St George's College1953Excelsior High
1918Jamaica College1936St George's College1954No competition
1919Jamaica College1937St George's College1955St George's College
1920St George's College1938Wolmer’s Boys1956St George's College
1921Jamaica College1939Wolmer’s Boys1957Kingston College
1922Jamaica College1940Jamaica College1958Kingston College
1923Wolmer's Boys1941Jamaica College1959St George's College
1924Wolmer's Boys1942Jamaica College1960No competition
1925Wolmer's Boys1943Calabar High1961Jamaica College
1926Wolmer's Boys1944No competition


Total Winning Schools14
SchoolTimes WonSchoolTimes WonSchoolTimes Won
Jamaica College31Calabar3Tivoli Gardens2
St George's College22Camperdown3Ardenne1
Kingston College16Charlie Smith3Dunoon Technical1
Wolmer’s Boys10Norman Manley3St Andrew Technical (STATHS)1
Excelsior High7Bridgeport2