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In the treacherous aftermath of the First Maroon War, a fragile peace settles over colonial Jamaica, but deep-rooted tensions simmer beneath the surface. The Secret Pact, a historical novel rich with imagined characters and interwoven narratives, weaves a story of loyalty, betrayal, love, and the unyielding quest for freedom against the backdrop of a treacherous peace and the enduring hope for a better future.

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Meet the author and delve into the inspiration behind The Secret Pact. Discover the fascinating aspects of Jamaican history that ignited the author's imagination.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Decoding The Secret Pact

Unlock the secrets behind The Secret Pact! This companion guide, separates historical truth from fictional threads woven into this captivating tale. Discover which characters, events, and settings are drawn from the annals of history, and which are born from the author's imagination. Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the fascinating blend of fact and fiction that brings the First Maroon War era to life.

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It's 1743, and Jamaica simmers with a fragile peace, three years after the First Maroon War. But Willow, daughter of the legendary Nanny, can't forget the treaty's injustices. Her mother's defiance burns within her, and a daring act threatens to ignite a new rebellion.

Joined by her steadfast companion, Kai, and an unlikely alliance—including Aiyanna, descendant of a Taino priestess—they stumble upon an ancient relic. It reveals the island's forgotten secrets, offering a perilous path to defy the British. But whispers of their actions reach unwelcome ears.

Betrayal shadows every step, and one misstep could plunge them all back into war. As the stakes rise, the Alliance must confront an impossible choice: is defying oppression worth sacrificing those they love and the hard-won peace?


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