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Registrar General's Department of Jamaica

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The Registrar General’s Department offers a genealogical search, now called Outtamany Search, at an affordable cost to all persons interested in identifying their family history. An application form is required to initiate a search and the applicant needs to indicate the number of generations they wish to include in the search. The RGD Research Unit conducts its investigations by conducting interviews, visiting previous residences, visiting final resting places, checking RGD’s records database (repository of indices of all vital events) and conducting other index searches.

Results are prepared within 4 weeks of payment and sent via mail or email. A family tree can be provided at an additional cost, and a family member’s certificate can be purchased for events occurring before 1879. The following information is required for the search:

  • Names of parties
  • Parish of births
  • Approximate dates of births or deaths
  • Names of brothers or sisters or other relatives
  • Spouses’ names
  • District of residence
  • Parishes of residence
  • Occupations