Black river Jamaica

YS Falls

YS FallsYS Falls, opened in 1990, is a nature-based attraction offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by flora and fauna, many indigenous to the area (eg. Bromeliads).

Located within a working cattle and thoroughbred horse farm, YS Falls is a seven tiered waterfall set in a lush natural environment approximately 20 minutes drive from the town of Black River. Closed on Mondays, there is an entrance fee of US$6.00.

Explore Jamaica Waterfalls, including many lesser known ones of the beaten path.

Lovers Leap

The legend of Lovers Leap is based around the romance of two slaves who, to prevent separation from each other, jumped from a 1750 ft cliff.

Located east of Treasure Beach, Lovers Leap is a sheer 1750-foot cliff overhanging the sea. The legend associated with the site is that during the days of enslavement two young lovers used to meet secretly on the adjoining Yardley Chase Plantation. The owner wanted the female for himself and arranged to have her lover sold. Not wanting to be separated, the two hand in hand leapt and plunged to their death.

If you are adventurous, you can follow a rocky and meandering footpath down to the sea, or like most, you may choose to just enjoy the view from the open-air platform.

Bamboo Avenue

Located on the main South Coast Highway, between Middle Quarters and Lacovia, in the parish of St Elizabeth. The avenue was planted out with Bambusa Vulgaris a specie of Bamboo which was the largest variety introduced in Jamaica. The avenue is approximately six miles long with the tall bamboo forming a canopy

Bamboo walks have been planted in Jamaica for a long time and Bamboo Avenue is unique only because its length and the fact that a major road passes through.

Pelican Bar

Located about 1/2 mile offshore, on a submerged sandbar at Parottee Point, which is between Treasure Beach and Black River, Pelican Bar is a working bar in the middle of the sea. Accessible only by boat, local fishermen are happy to oblige, for a small fee. Patrons are welcomed to catch their own fish which can be grilled on site.